BYLAWS OFEducational Service Unit Professional Development Organization
Section 1 — Name: The name of the organization is Educational Service Unit Professional Development Organization (ESUPDO).

Section 2 — Purpose and Direction: The purpose of ESUPDO is to effectively and efficiently coordinate membership experiences that maximize ESU leadership and capacity to improve teaching and learning in Nebraska's schools.

Section 3 — Objectives: In coordination with the ESU Coordinating Council (ESUCC/Administrators), the objectives of ESUPDO include the following:
  • Develop a statewide network among the Educational Service Units
  • Collaborate with Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) and other appropriate agencies
  • Plan and coordinate professional development activities for ESUPDO members

Section 1 — Membership: Membership is comprised of the following ESUPDO Affiliates:
  • ESU Special Populations Directors (ESPD)
  • Instructional Materials Affiliate Team (IMAT)
  • Network Operations Committee (NOC)
  • Staff Development Affiliate (SDA)
  • Technology Affiliate Group (TAG)

Section 2 — Membership List: ESUPDO maintains a membership list that reflects the current membership of each Affiliate.

Section 3 — Liaisons: Designated personnel of the ESUCC and Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) shall be members serving in an advisory role, including the Executive Director, Executive Assistant, and Special Projects personnel.

Section 1 — Role: Activities of ESUPDO are coordinated through the Leadership Committee (LC), which include
  • Maintain a current ESUPDO membership list
  • Develop a two-year ESUPDO schedule, including dates, locations, and times
  • Plan and coordinate professional development events
  • Assist in the prioritization of services and resources
  • Prepare and present reports to the ESUCC
  • Appoint ad hoc committees
  • Fill LC membership vacancies

Section 2 — Membership: Membership of the LC shall consist of the following:
  • The Chair and Recorder of each Affiliate group as per Article II, Section 1 and approved by the ESUCC
  • The LC Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair
  • NDE designees appointed by the Deputy Commissioner of Education
  • Liaisons appointed by the ESUCC including ESU Administrators, the Executive Director, and the Executive Assistant

Section 3 — Meetings: Meetings shall be held as appropriate to coordinate the activities of ESUPDO.

Section 4 — Quorum: A majority of LC members must be present in order to conduct the business of the LC.

Section 5 — Officers: Officers include a Chair-Elect, a Chair, and a Past Chair. The ESUCC Executive Assistant shall serve as Recorder.

Section 6 — Terms of Members:
  • Affiliate Chairs and Recorders will serve on LC throughout the duration of their terms as determined by each respective Affiliate group. Terms commence on or by June 1.
  • The offices of LC Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair are one-year terms, commencing on or by June 1.

Section 7 — Selection of Officers: The LC will select a Chair-Elect for the next term. A simple majority vote of the Affiliate Chairs and Recorders shall determine the selection. In the event of a tie vote, the LC Chair will cast the final vote.

Section 8 — Duties of Officers:
The Chair-Elect and Chair shall
  • Schedule, call, and preside over LC meetings
  • Develop and disseminate LC meeting agendas
  • Facilitate ESUPDO events
  • Call special meetings as necessary
  • Coordinate with designated liaisons and stakeholders
  • Conduct selection of the Chair-Elect position

The Past-Chair shall
  • Serve in an advisory capacity

The ESUCC Executive Assistant shall
  • Record and disseminate minutes of all meetings as assigned
  • Secure meeting locations and logistics
  • Coordinate ESUPDO financial transactions, including contracts

Section 1 — Affiliates: Affiliates are identified in Article 2, Section 1.

Section 2 — Purpose: Conduct the business of the Affiliates.

Section 3 — Membership: Affiliate membership is comprised of ESU personnel having job assignments consistent with the work of the Affiliates.
Section 4 — Officers: Affiliate Chairs and Recorders are selected by the membership of the Affiliates. Other leadership positions may be selected as needed.

Section 5 — Officer Duties: Affiliate Chairs and Recorders shall serve their Affiliate groups according to their respective Bylaws.

Section 6 — Officer Terms:
  • Officer Terms commence on or by June 1.
  • The office of Recorder transitions to the office of Chair.

Section 7 Affiliate Responsibilities:
  • Maintain a current membership list
  • Identify and support the Affiliate professional development needs
  • Make Affiliate meeting minutes available to the ESUPDO membership
  • Report Affiliate activities at LC meetings and share information from LC meetings with Affiliate members
  • Communicate the ESUPDO schedule and event details to the membership

Section 1 — Amendments to Bylaws: Proposed amendments to these Bylaws may be introduced at any regular LC meeting at which a quorum is present. Proposed amendments shall be voted on at the next regular meeting following their introduction. A vote of two-thirds of the LC members present shall be required to adopt any proposed amendments.


These Bylaws were approved at a regular LC Business Meeting by a two-thirds majority vote on MM/DD/YYYY.

Recommended Procedures

Regular order of business items includes
  • Affiliate Reports and Proposals
  • NDE Report
  • Liaison Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Calendar Review
  • Agenda development for ESUPDO Events

The Leadership Committee will:
  • Conduct/Coordinate the business of ESUPDO
    • ESUPDO members take any issues or proposals to their Affiliate Chair or Recorder.
    • Liaisons take any issues or proposals to their appointed liaison.
  • Plan and coordinate professional development training
    • Develop the professional development training plan and identify budget resources.
    • Coordinate and make recommendations for the allocation of the designated capacity-building fund. (the original 1% fund)
  • Prepare the annual report and present to ESUCC Coordinate, prepare and present reports to ESUCC
  • Submit an Annual Report to ESUCC at the September ESUPDO meeting. Consists of:
    • Budget
    • Qualitative summary of Affiliate training and activities
    • Affiliate reports - by Group Chair or designated representative
  • Report/Communicate activities to ESUPDO membership
    • Minutes of all meetings will be sent to ESUPDO members as a PDF file
    • An archival copy of the Affiliate and LC meetings and ESUPDO activities will be archived on the ESUPDO website.
    • A statewide calendar of training meetings dates will be maintained by Affiliate Recorders

Annual Calendar
  • Fall
    • LC Meetings and ESUPDO Event
    • Update ESUPDO Membership and Email Lists
    • Review present year Calendar and draft next year Calendar (meeting and training dates)
    • LC and Affiliate budgets are developed
  • Winter
    • LC Meetings and ESUPDO Event
    • LC and Affiliate budgets are submitted
    • Communicate next year Calendar
  • Spring
    • LC Meetings and ESUPDO Event
    • New ESUPDO Chair-Elect is selected and announced
    • LC and Affiliate budgets are approved