Event Topic: Planning strategically to achieve systemic collaboration among NDE, ESUs, and Districts, setting the context for future conversation.

Day 1 September 11, 2012Advanced-Ed.jpg
ESUPDO Meeting, ESU 3 – Omaha
9am - 3:30pm

Day 2 September 12, 2012
ESUPDO Meeting, ESU 3 – Omaha
9am - 1pm Data, Research and Gathering the Pieces Together
  • NDE Data, Research, Evaluation Team Presentation ~ Link to NDE Data Team Web Site 9 am
    • PowerPoint
    • Four Goals
      • Provide a data analysis tool for districts
      • Provide a statewide system of professional development training for data analysis
      • Build a research and evaluation operation in NDE collaboratively with the research community
      • Expand and enhance the SLDS for sustainability
    • Feedback 6 DRE Team ~ Results Link
  • Current State of Affairs – ESU Share Session 10 am
  • Data Dig 11 am
  • Sep 11-12 Evaluation ~ Results Link
  • Closing the Morning/Working Lunch 12 pm
  • Pick Your Afternoon Session 1 pm
    • Brainstorming Session with Erika Volker (Tentative/Optional Session) How to maximize awareness/use of Nebraska Career Connections across the state/ Missouri
    • ESPD Final Financials/ Sarpy-Washington
    • TAG Workshop Committee, Administrator Technology Workshop Bootcamps/ Niobrara
    • 1pm SDA NWEA Facilitator Training/ Cass-Douglas
    • 2pm SDA NDE CIP Workshops (Data Guidebook) Cass-Douglas
    • Board Room-booked for ESU4,5,6 and 9 Webinar
  • End of the Day 3 pm

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